School of Design


Contact Details : Dr. Vibha Kapoor Dean, SOFD, Sandip University, Nashik. Mb No: +91 7711953953 Email ID:

Fashion Design Development

Fashion & Lifestyle Development

  • Fashion Branding
  • Cutting & Sewing
  • Creative Directions
  • Art Direction & Styling
  • Fashion Business Management
  • Fashion Photography & Videos
  • Fashion Sourcing (Raw Materials etc).

Contact Details

Dr. Taruna Rajpurohit
Associate Professor & HOD, SOD, Sandip University, Nashik
Mobile: – +91 9159155276
Email ID:

Interior Design & Space and Interior Design

Space and Interior Design

  • Develop Drawings & Models
  • Decorate and Design Living Spaces, Offices,
  • Coffee Shops, Restaurants, etc.
  • Creating Aesthetically Interior Spaces.
  • Feasibility studies.
  • Flow diagrams (the spa journey)
  • Conceptual design.
  • 3D visuals.
  • Materials, Finishes, etc.

Contact Details

Mr. Amol Deshmukh
Assistant Professor, SOD, Sandip University, Nashik
Email ID:

Cosmetic Product development and formulation

Beauty Product Development & Formulation

  • Formulation and Development of the various Cosmetic Products
  • Natural and Ayurceuticals product formulation & Development
  • Formulation & Evaluation of Herbal Skin Care & Hair Care and their Standardization
  • Customer need based form need-base development
  • Quality Control and evaluation of cosmeceuticals and Ayurceuticals
  • Advanced Product Formulation and Development
  • Nanotechnology Nanotechnology-based formulation
  • Natural and chemical-based perfume formulation
  • Neutraceuticals & Cosmeceuticals formulation development
  • Identification of raw material
  • Provide information regarding a brand product.

Contact Details

Mrs. Nayana Borole Assistant Professor, SOD
Sandip University, Nashik
Mobile: +91 8421459311
Email ID: